Marketing With Logic and Emotion

A couple days ago our refrigerator conked out.

A repairman showed up today to take a glance. The verdict? We’d need a brand new freezer coil. The cost become close to $1,000 and would take almost every week to get the elements.
A new refrigerator turned into approximately $2K. And this is the choice I selected. It will arrive day after today.

Logically, I ought to have saved greater than $1K if I’d chosen to get it constant.
But emotionally, I did not need to be without a fridge for a week, perhaps longer. The pain of that changed into really worth averting despite the fact that it meant paying $1,000 more.

All buying selections are emotional, no longer logical.

When a customer makes a decision to work with you, they will justify it logically, however in the end, they chose to get your assist because of how they feel about you and their state of affairs.
They will pick out the choice that feels the great to them.
In maximum cases, human beings purchase your expert services due to the fact something isn’t always working for them.

And that choice is always emotional.

And they also need matters to work better for them or their businesses.
And that selection is emotional as well.
Since marketing is 100% communication, your first process is to remind your potential customers of the troubles, issues and demanding situations they’re experiencing.
And your second task is to inform them how lots higher things will be when you assist them by using using your professional services.
Nevertheless, this emotional content material needs to be supplied in a logical, understandable manner.
That’s why the 1/3 regulation of attracting clients says you need to stability common sense and emotion in your advertising.