Myths and Truths About Marketing to Millennials

We can outline millennials as the ones born from 1982 to 2000, with some humans extending the timeframe to 2004. The top a part of this era is on occasion called Generation Y. The more youthful end of the organization is now coming of age, which means they will begin to flex their spending muscle groups.

Do They Really Kill Off Industries?

Millennials were blamed for killing off a spread of industries, along with the record industry and film theaters. But the fact is, they buy large numbers of MP3s and DVDs. They additionally stream sizeable numbers of programs. Technology can regularly considerably trade industries. Millennials aren’t destroying anything; they may be just making the maximum of new tech.

How Tech Savvy Are They?

They are greater tech savvy than previous generations, but no longer as a lot as the more youthful era, Gen Z. Millennials are the remaining of the non-local users of tech who grew up in a international where computer systems were not everywhere, and smartphones which includes the iPhone and devices just like the iPod, iPad and Kindle eBook readers and software program had been non-existent.

Millennials don’t usually live on their cell telephones, so that you can still marketplace to them effectively through their laptop pc. They also use conventional social websites together with Facebook and Twitter.

Do They Really Pay Attention to Digital Advertising?

According to the USA Postal Service, Millennials additionally be aware of print advertisements, and specially direct mail. They have now not destroyed the magazine enterprise; they need a paper mag and a virtual one. But they’re tending to be a lot more savvy than older generations approximately which advertisements they be aware of. As a result, you need to be honest in all your advertising and marketing efforts. Cut the hype and get to the facts.

Are They a New Generation of Carefree Hippies?

This isn’t true both. It’s proper that they are eliminating shopping for homes, getting married, and having children until later in existence compared with preceding generations, however this doesn’t suggest they’ve 0 hobby in this stuff. Attending university and grad faculty, student mortgage repayment burdens, and the truth that they witnessed the worst financial downturn because the Great Depression manner that they’re greater prudent approximately debt, and careful about staying out of debt.